Construction phase 1


Establishing solid benchmarks and paving the way for a sustainable and healthy development.

The development of the SPINELLI Quarter is taking place in two successive construction phases, now beginning with the first phase of construction until the National Garden Show in 2023 and the subsequent second phase of construction starting in 2024.

In the course of the first phase of construction that is starting now, around 500 residential units will be created by 2023 as rental units or condominiums, which will provide a home for people with different lifestyles. The first 1,000 residents will likely move in at the end of 2022 and bring life to the neighbourhood. As a result of the open allocation of concepts in the planning process, the land was allocated with the goal and requirement of creating a lively and stable neighbourhood in the long term for as many population groups as possible, one that offers all the services they need for their daily needs. SPINELLI is the first neighbourhood in Mannheim that is subject to the social quota, so that 30% of the residential units will be realized as affordable rental apartments. Individual plots of land for detached single-family homes as well as the majority of the building plots for investors will be available in the second construction phase starting in 2024, rounding off the offer for a further 2,600 residents of the Quarter.

Combining the old with the new

Combining the old with the new and developing a neighbourhood with a strong identity

The urban development of the Quarter is conceptually designed in a way that achieves a structurally harmonious continuation of the adjoining Käfertal and Feudenheim districts. The existing buildings there will be carried on by continuing and strengthening the existing primary axes and references. In order to create a cautious transition from the existing buildings to the new, the project takes up on the existing typologies in the surrounding area. This creates a harmonious transitions between the old and the new and allows for a homogeneous overall picture that promotes a sense of community and a sense of living. A living example of continuing to build the city.