Realizing the dream of a home in green surroundings while enjoying urban life at the same time.

Living in green surroundings

SPINELLI is creating a green residential quarter that offers a special quality of living and life.

Living in green surroundings while at the same time taking advantage of the diverse offers of the local infrastructure and enjoying the city centre, a mere 15 minutes away, and the pulsating life there - the SPINELLI Quarter offers this ideal combination due to its location close to the city centre and 73% of green space.

SPINELLI offers urban space in a green surroundings and meets the demands of the future: green, easy on resources, friendly, neighbourly and well thought-out. This sustainable living space in a unique location by the park is designed to be just as diverse as the most diverse lifestyles, whether in a condominium, rental apartment or single-family home. An idyllic environment will be created that at the same time covers all the needs of daily life with the newly built neighbourhood centre, which features a supermarket, an all-day primary school, day care centres and kindergartens. Along the park, a spacious promenade with lively ground floor zones will be created that offer a view of the public park and will invite visitors to take a stroll and linger. Nature lovers as well as people who enjoy exercise and sports will find the perfect place for a morning jog or a relaxing evening walk in the open air.



Start of demolition work

The start of demolition work on SPINELLI sets the ball rolling in the neighbourhood & prepares the ground for development.


Purchase of the area & start of development 1st construction phase

The purchase of the area by MWSP, the City of Mannheim and GBG marks the beginning of the 1st construction phase & the development of the former conversion area. The old makes way for the new.

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Start of construction 1st construction phase

The integrated neighbourhood development concept will be transformed from vision to reality with the start of construction during the 1st construction phase.


Completion of construction and development of 1st construction phase

With the completion of the development and construction, the first residents move in and a lively and communal life begins. After completion of the 1st construction phase, SPINELLI makes way for the green milestone: the major event of the Bundesgartenschau (National Garden Show) 2023 from April to October.


2nd construction phase

Development work and start of construction