Investors - 1st construction phase

A quarter in the making

SPINELLI gets his face. With the allocation of space for the first construction phase, it becomes clear what the new quarter will look like in the future: Sustainably diverse.

SPINELLI is planned as a quarter for everyone, and it is now being built on this basis. Young and old, singles and families, tenants and owners, they should all be able to feel comfortable here. As a result, very different construction methods and forms of living are already being implemented in the first construction phase, offering space for every lifestyle. For the first time, the social quota is being applied in Mannheim, so that 30% of the residential units will be realized as inexpensive rental apartments. SPINELLI is not only intended to play a pioneering role for the city when it comes to sustainability.

By the time BUGA 23 starts, the first 1,000 or so residents will move into SPINELLI and fill a diverse residential area with life. The development, accompanied by an expert commission for urban planning, is now moving into the concrete phase: building plans are designed down to the last detail, energy concepts are checked and corrected, facade designs are coordinated and adapted. The building permit procedures are running parallel to the development work on the former military area. The foundations for versatile, high-quality and attractive residential buildings - they are now being poured onto SPINELLI.

Investor overview

1st construction phase (subject to purchase contract)


ANUNDO Wohnen & Service

Poststraße 42
69115 Heidelberg
Contact: Alexander Döring
Phone: +49 6221 725-1360
Email: info@anundo.de

BPD Immobilienentwicklung GmbH

Augustaanlage 54-56
68165 Mannheim
Phone: +49 621 300126-0
Email: projekt_spinelli@bpd-de.de

Deutsche Wohnwerte GmbH & Co.KG

Langer Anger 9
69115 Heidelberg

Evohaus GmbH

Abraham Lincoln Allee 22
68309 Mannheim
Contact: INGENIUM – Verkaufsbüro
Phone: +49 6227 8590059

IHR HAUS Sahle Massivbau GmbH

James-Monroe-Ring 201
68309 Mannheim
Contact: Margit Berthold
Phone: +49 621 72874477
Email: info@ihr-haus-sahle.de

Neighboorwood GbR

Bachstraße 8
68165 Mannheim
Contact: Judith Weber

Oikos eG

Melanchthonweg 8
68167 Mannheim
Contact: Valentina Ingmanns
Phone: +49 621 9784590
Email: valentina@oikos-geno.de

Quartiersmanufaktur GmbH & Co.KG

Albert-Camus-Allee 1
54294 Trier
Email: info@quartiersmanufaktur.de

Reisch Gruppe

Max-Pechstein-Straße 4
67061 Ludwigshafen
Phone: +49 621 9534645-0

Vermietungsgenossenschaft Ludwig-Frank eG

Melchiorstr. 10
68167 Mannheim
Phone: +49 621 401805-0
Email: info@lfg-mannheim.de

WohnWerk Mannheim eG

Maiblumenhof 4
68305 Mannheim
Contact: Hans Peter Suchan
Phone: +49 621 723739
Email: info@wohnwerk-geno.de