Urban development with a new awareness

Already the first construction phase of SPINELLI shows a new piece of Mannheim. It convinces with qualities that meet the requirements of the future.

SPINELLI is planned as a quarter for everyone, and it was and will be built on this basis. Young and old, singles, couples and families, tenants and owners - they should all feel at home here. The neighborhood already features a wide variety of construction methods and housing types that offer space for every lifestyle. For the first time, Mannheim's social quota for affordable rental housing is also being applied: 30% of the residential units have been realized in the affordable segment. SPINELLI is thus also taking on a pioneering role in the city when it comes to social sustainability.

As part of the first phase of construction, 16 residential projects have already been realized. Accompanied by the expertise of the SPINELLI planning commission, the foundation has been poured with these versatile, high-quality and attractive buildings. For a livable, and lively neighborhood.