SPINELLI . Quarter

Developing the city while creating living space from a vision.

Sustainability on a neighborhood scale

The beginning has been made: SPINELLI is a lively, multifaceted urban neighborhood that will continue to grow in the coming years.

The combination of urban living and the location at the spacious Spinelli Park distinguishes SPINELLI. A variety of housing options, shopping facilities, educational institutions and sports clubs offer a diverse range of activities in the immediate vicinity. Short distances within the quarter and the surrounding neighborhoods make SPINELLI a place that offers its residents a sustainable and connected life. As a residential area, it already meets the requirements of the future, blends in harmoniously with the existing Käfertal-Süd district and continues to develop it.

How to build for tomorrow today

SPINELLI was conceived and laid out as a green model quarter - right from the start. This already begins with the demolition material from the former Spinelli Barracks, which was recycled on site and used as substructure for road construction. The environmentally friendly drainage concept with swale infiltration in revitalized soil zones and the sponge city under the neighborhood square also points the way to the necessary climate impact adaptation. SPINELLI is located directly on the future northeast green corridor, which will noticeably improve the air quality in Mannheim's city center and neighboring districts.

Fresh air corridors have also been created between the individual building sites on SPINELLI, ensuring good ventilation. SPINELLI has a density of buildings in wood or wood-hybrid construction that is unique in Mannheim. Thanks to the many plants on their green roofs and in some cases also on their facades, a good neighborhood climate is created.

Energetically demanding

The most sustainable energy is that which is not used - and so the energy concept for SPINELLI begins with the high environmental and energy standards of the new residential buildings. Overall, electricity requirements are primarily met from renewable sources: all residential buildings as well as the new school have PV systems for generating electricity. More than 4,000 m² of photovoltaic panels are also planned for the gable roof of the U-Hall and most of them have already been installed. The energy concept will be further developed for the following construction phases and has an ambitious goal: SPINELLI will be a green, low-CO2 residential quarter.

New ways for a new mobility

The most livable cities around the world have one thing in common: they put the human dimension at the center of everything they do. At SPINELLI, too, the focus should be on ist residents. Redesigning the street space for more equal rights for all road users, so that the spaces become more inviting, works primarily through a change in mobility behavior.

SPINELLI is designed as a low-car neighborhood: The valuable public space is not to serve as monotonous parking space, but to offer residents valuable open room and enable encounters. Traffic calming in the residential area is provided by the central neighborhood garages, which are realized parallel to the construction phases. The parking space key is reduced to 0.8; attractive alternatives to the private car should at least replace the second car. Sustainable forms of mobility play the main role in SPINELLI: electric mobility and the bicycle, which can be used to reach Mannheim's city center as well as Viernheim or Weinheim directly via the adjacent cycle path. Public transport is also being further expanded, which of course also benefits the neighboring districts: Bus line 53 connects SPINELLI via Käfertal station in all directions. A connection to the tram network is being considered; a decision on its realization is still pending.

Community is greened

Out of the house and into the community: At SPINELLI, open communal courtyards have been created between the individual houses as meeting places for residents and guests. Together with the Spinelli Park and the spacious neighborhood square with its urban forest of 53 trees, there is plenty of free space for shared experiences - but also retreat for individual recreation.

A new neighborhood. A new way of living together.

The modern city is becoming a new village. Under the motto "neighborhood instead of settlement" and with forward-looking building projects, various impulses are being set for living together.

SPINELLI is a neighborhood of short distances: For the residents of SPINELLI and their neighbors, everyday necessities will be within walking distance. The Görtz bakery will operate the bakery-café, including outdoor seating, on Chisinauer Platz, and the REWE supermarket chain will offer everything related to local supplies on 1,500 square meters of sales space.At the same time, the educational infrastructure is currently being built: the Spinelli all-day elementary school will start in the interim for the 2023/24 school year and will move into its new school building on Dürkheimer Straße in early 2024. A daycare center for over 100 children in 7 groups is being built in the neighborhood center, and additional daycare centers are being planned.

Construction log


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