SPINELLI . Quarter

Developing the city while creating living space from a vision.

The future is here

SPINELLI is creating a lively and versatile urban quarter with a strong identity on 80 hectares of current conversion area.

The urban flair in the middle of greenery and the versatile recreational activities "on the promenade" or in the associated park exert a special charm. A wide range of housing, shopping facilities, educational institutions and sports clubs offer a wide variety of activities in the immediate vicinity. Direct access to the city centre and the surrounding districts make it a place that offers a sustainable and connected life for future residents. As a neighbourhood, residential area and park landscape, it meets the requirements of the future while being harmoniously integrated into the existing Käfertal and Feudenheim districts, thus supplementing, enriching and developing them as a living space.

Sustainably planned

SPINELLI was conceived and laid out as a green model quarter - right from the start. This already begins with the demolition material from the former barracks, which is crushed on site and used as recycling material for road construction. The environmentally friendly drainage concept, which is being implemented in the ongoing development, also provides for infiltration into so-called troughs, which are lively ground zones, instead of through the structures. SPINELLI is located directly on the future north-east green corridor, which will noticeably improve the air quality in Mannheim city center and the neighboring districts.

Fresh air corridors have also been created between the individual building sites on SPINELLI by breaking up the individual blocks. SPINELLI has a density of buildings in wood or wood hybrid construction, which is unique in Mannheim, the facades and roofs of which are additionally greened for a particularly good neighborhood climate.

Made to save energy

The most sustainable is the energy that is not used - and so the energy concept for SPINELLI begins with the high environmental and energetic standards of the resulting residential buildings. Overall, the electricity demand is to be met primarily from renewable energies, for example via the 4,000 m2 photovoltaic area that is being built on the gable roof of the U-Hall.

The future elementary school and the flat roofs of the district will also be used to generate electricity. The work on the energy concept is ongoing and has an ambitious goal: At the end of the development, SPINELLI should be a green, low-CO2 residential area.

Sustainably mobile

“Come and stay” is the motto of the residents at SPINELLI. Of course, you still have to go somewhere else in between - that's what the sustainable SPINELLI mobility concept is for.

Basically, the new quarter is designed as a low-car quarter, central quarter garages ensure traffic calming in the living area, the parking space key is reduced to 0.8. Alternative, sustainable forms of mobility are to play the main role at SPINELLI: electromobility and the bicycle, with which one can comfortably reach the city or Heidelberg via the adjacent cycle expressway. Local public transport is also being expanded, from which the neighboring districts will of course also benefit: The bus service is expected to start with the development of the area in spring 2023. A possible connection to the light rail network is being considered, but a final decision on the realization is still pending.

Community is greened

Out of the house and into the community - on SPINELLI the areas between the individual houses are laid out as open communal courtyards, as meeting places for residents and guests. Together with the large parking area on the BUGA site, SPINELLI offers space for shared experiences - but also retreats for recreation.

Reside and live

A quarter of the short distances: for the future residents of SPINELLI and their neighbors, everyday items will be within walking distance. A local supplier with a full range and other shops are planned around Quartiersplatz, the future center, and along Völklinger Straße. In addition, the planning for the educational infrastructure is ongoing: The new SPINELLI primary school is being built on Dürkheimer Straße and planning for several daycare centers is in progress.

Construction log


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