Moving your life outside the city and experiencing community in green surroundings.

Close to green surroundings

A central component of the neighborhood development is the extensive park area that was created as part of BUGA 23. Here, the residents of SPINELLI can breathe a sigh of relief: on the one hand, Spinelli Park invites them to relax and linger with its diversely designed green and meadow areas or the charming, tree-lined Auweiher pond; on the other hand, with its diverse nature and play landscapes, it offers many opportunities for exuberant and active exploration, especially in the park bowl adjacent to the neighborhood.


Concepts for a livable tomorrow

Bicycle expressway - right of way for two-wheelers

It bears the number 15 and connects central locations in the transnational metropolitan region, specifically between Mannheim - Viernheim - Weinheim - Darmstadt. With its high-quality traffic infrastructure, the new cycle path offers commuters an attractive alternative to the car. The Spinelli Park and the SPINELLI Quarter will also be connected to the highspeed cycling network and thus to Mannheim's city center in an attractive way. The opening will take place in sections and has already taken place on the western edge of the Feudenheimer Au.

Northeast green corridor - the city breathes a sigh of relief

The Northeast Green Corridor represents the networking of open spaces to form a continuous green system covering approximately 220 hectares. Here, new opportunities are created to experience nature in a freely accessible way or to pursue various leisure and sports activities. Above all, as a fresh air corridor, it will improve the overall urban climate, which is particularly noticeable in the adjacent neighborhoods, and also provide a protected habitat for endangered animal and plant species. Against the background of the already noticeable consequences of climate change, this is more important than ever. More quality of life and space that breathes a sigh of relief.